Monday, May 23, 2005

Learn Me Somethin' New Every Day...

When the Sasquatch and I saw Hitchhiker's Guide (eh, feh, not great) the other day, the thing that grabbed me the most (since I am a nostalgic loser) was that the introduction of The Book was heralded by the banjo-infused music used for both the BBC radio show and the tv series, an instrumental piece called "Journey of the Sorcerer".

Now that I had an itch to scratch and a free iTunes download to use by the end of the month (courtesy of my diet Pepsi at the Michael Penn show last month), I decided to download the Hitchhiker's Guide theme. And that's when I discovered something that, were I more musically knowledgeable, I would have known a long time ago. "Journey of the Sorcerer" is an Eagles song from the '70's. Yep. As in Hotel-California-if-ya-wanna-see-us-it's-$120-a-ticket Eagles.

Wow. Huh. A 6+ minute banjo-infused instrumental Eagles track. Who'da thunk it?

Apparently, there are gaps in my mental music database.

I downloaded the Eagles track. It rocks.

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