Monday, May 23, 2005

Meesa delicious!

The Atomic Editor found this photo through the wonders of Google. It's creeping around the Internet, bringing joy wherever it goes. I congratulate the artiste, Ryan Scott, on his dark, tasteless and wonderful sense of humor.

I imagine this purchased in bulk at the Imperial version of Costco or Sam's Club to feed a Star Destroyer full of hungry stormtroopers. It would probably require some sort of highly-spiced "Helper" product to render it flavorful (or at least a pile of mac 'n' cheese and a really big beer.)

Ladies and gentlemen...

Ground Jar-Jar:

Meesa also available in patties, links, and now with taco seasonin's!


Anonymous said...

Funny and disturbing at the same time.


Merujo said...

It's the eyes. The eyes. [[shudder]]