Thursday, June 09, 2005

Bare it like Beckham

Hey, I officially have too much information about David Beckham, courtesy of Reuters!

"Back, sack, and crack"?!?

Okay, first thing - ouch! Second thing - I get the non-hairy back. That's fine, but the rest of that?!? Did this man have an all-over pelt like Cha-ka on Land of the Lost? I mean, unless you are Jo-jo the Very Hairy Footballer, is that necessary? Is it vanity on his part, or does Posh have an alopecia fetish? So many questions.

Omigod. I'm writing about David Beckham's hairy nether regions. I have to go the gym. 45 minutes of treadmill may erase this from my head. I hope.


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