Monday, June 13, 2005

Early Evening of the Lepus

Ten points if you get the MST3K-worthy reference.

I'm not sure what the dealio is, but the rabbits in my neighborhood are going nuts right now. I'm guessing there's a thunderstorm rolling in, as there's some distant rumbling to the west. But that surely can't explain the dozen rabbits I just encountered, bounding back and forth across my street. Is there a freakin' cottontail convention? I had to slam on my brakes over and over again. The bunnies out here ain't the brightest critters on the globe.

aka Dumb Bunny

You know, they're cute one at a time, but when you see them swarming near your home, they start to develop rat-like qualities in your head. Oh, now there are deer outside, too. It's Thumper McCrittergully's Summertime Jugband Jamboree. Whoo-hoo!

I guess it's a Happy Creature Convention. I must have missed the memo. Fine. As long as no one takes a dump on my car. (You laugh - we had a deer go nuts a couple of years back and jump on the hood of my neighbor's car and crap all over it.) That hungry owl in my tree is going to gorge itself on bunny bits tonight like a tourist family at a casino buffet...

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