Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The heat is on...

I'm taking a pass on meeting Vince and Andy tomorrow. I can't bear the thought of standing and sweltering for two hours on 21st Street to have them sign stuff for me while I stumble over my own tongue for fifteen seconds.

It's pouring down rain right now. The thunder is fading. But it will be in the 90's tomorrow, and, with the downfall tonight, the heat index will hover near 100F. No thankee.

DC Street Life, Late Spring 2005: Sauna of the Damned

Erasure kicked serious ass tonight. The concert was wonderful. "Joyful" is the term the Sasquatch used. I think he's right on target. It was celebratory. If you go to an Erasure concert and leave in a bad mood, you probably have something so severely stuck in your craw, it will require a team of surgeons several days to remove it.


Sleep now. Job hunt continues in the daylight...


Anonymous said...

So what did you decide? Did you go see the "Boys" or not? I am guessing by this post that it is still pretty hot there :)


Merujo said...

The boys rocked the house tonight. It was grand. Really grand. I love a concert where I have a smile plastered to my face for an hour and a half.

But no go for tomorrow. Too hot. Too miserable. Too sweaty. No desire to take a DC ambulance ride for heat stroke. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

That was funny! I posted my reply before the text showed up and only the picture was showing... I thought you were just giving us a visual clue! I am glad that you had a good time!

Sleep well - SJL