Thursday, June 09, 2005

A Horribly Belated Birthday Wish

I am rather mortified to say, I forgot my friend Madame L.'s birthday. In April.


This is a bad thing. I admit I was still winding down from the whole workplace trauma of my last job, but that's no excuse.

I've known the lovely Madame L. for a gazillion years - I have a very yellowed newspaper clipping of the two of us together, having won prizes for our individual age groups (she was a grade ahead of me) for the Moline Public Library poster contest. Good god, that had to be 1976-ish?

Madame L. is the mother of the marvelous Miss K., a young woman of talent, brains, and beauty, as is Madame L, herself. And though Madame L. lives in the wilds of suburban Minneapolis/St. Paul, she is always close to my heart.

This is what happens when you leave the candles burning for nearly two months. Smokey and all the rangers are most displeased with me...

So, Madame L., I wish you a heartfelt happy birthday. Very, very, profoundly late.

To the creative woman who wrote Dragonriders of Pern notes back and forth with me in junior high!

To the kitchen adventurer who helped me freeze Han Solo in a Kemp's 5-quart bucket of ice cream and made "Tatooine" milk with food coloring in my mom's kitchen! (That was not pretty.)

To my co-conspirator in the classic (and now sadly lost) cassette adventure, "Dining with Darth"! (Don't ask. Seriously embarrassing. Did you know you can shatter a Corelle plate if you strike it repeatedly with a wooden spoon?)

To a wonderful friend and a lovely human being...


Next year, L., I'll greet you on time - I promise!



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