Sunday, June 12, 2005

Lifestyles of the Idol Roach

It's almost 1:45 in the morning, so a full report on "Tearing at the Seams" will have to wait until later. But let me just share one thing...

First, I have to say, I couldn't care less who wins American Idol. I don't watch the show past the audition portion. But, ooooh, the auditions! This year, a local DC-area girl stole our hearts with her terrifyingly bad audition and her fairly "colorful" response to being canned. Her name: Mary Roach. Don't remember her? Let iFilm refresh your memory...

Scared now? Well, imagine my amazement this evening when one of our four MCs turned out to be none other than...

The one, the only... Mary Roach! By the way, I think that's the same belt she's wearing in her Idol audition...

When she introduced herself to the audience, I immediately turned to the Alasko-American and said, "Duuuude, that's the freaky chick from American Idol!" The MCs asked the audience to introduce themselves to the people around them. Mary took exception to the fact that those of us in the front row did not introduce ourselves to her. (A point she made via microphone.)

Early on, Mary acknowledged her American Idol audition, claiming that she did a bad job on purpose, for the attention. Take that for what you will, folks. Take that for what you will.

At some point, I decided I should get a picture with her, just for pop culture posterity. I even wrote up a card reading "HELLO SASQUATCH!" to hold up in the photo. (Don't ask me why, but I had a blue Sharpie and a pad of paper in my purse. Go figure.) But, in the end, I chickened out. She freaked me out waaay too much, and I didn't want to invite questions or give her my blog URL.

I think it was a wise choice.

More on the cabaret - a very exuberant, happy, and somewhat messy event - tomorrow.

I'm wiped. It was hot and sweaty in the gallery, I forgot about the Tyson fight at the MCI Center (and the horrid traffic it caused), and I didn't get home until 1:15.

I so seriously need sleep now.

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