Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Now, back to the usual drivel

As you can see, there are reasons why I avoid trying to write about anything political: I suck at it. I am not a big brain. No more political bs from me. (But thank you to the person who liked my nickname for Ann Coulter. You actually have Stephen King to thank for that. "He Who Walks Behind The Rows" was an awesome concept to terrify young people growing up in the cornfield-filled Midwest, trust me. Children of the Corn made for a bunch of lousy movies, but it was a helluva short story.)

So, it's back to my random life and observations. I found out today that my health insurance company hasn't received my renewal paperwork yet, despite me having dropped the envelope at the post office two weeks ago. I got a bill for next month's premium and a letter of intent to cancel together today. I just had to spend $9 to fax all the stuff I already mailed and hope that arrives. We shall see. Not having insurance would just be the capper on a stellar month.

In other news, April Winchell has written up a small bit on her blog about how she spent Fathers Day. Her description of her biological father (Paul "voice of Tigger and the Scrubbing Bubbles and certified nut" Winchell) made me snort iced coffee up my nose. What a lovely feeling. Thanks, April, for sharing the love, as always. (And BIG thanks, April, for your recent professional advice. MUCHO appreciated!)

And, finally, to the asshole running the mobile Volvo chop shop in the street outside my building: dismantle another Swedish crapmobile under my bedroom window at 2 a.m. again, and I will personally smack you silly with a big stick.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Stick to writing your "usual drivel" please. Your political rant was fucking boring. I'm sure you thought you were funny, but you were just a bore. You're right. No one really gives a shit what you think about this stuff. Don't be a windbag. Leave it to people who know what they're talking about, mm'kay?

Merujo said...

Well, can't please everyone, and I did say that I sucked at the political stuff. Now, play nice, and next time you want to tell me I'm "fucking boring" don't be a weaselboy (or weaselgirl) and comment anonymously!

Bad form, old boy. Simply bad form.

Anonymous said...

I greatly enjoy reading other people's take on what's going on in this country and this world. You have a perspective I don't have (i.e. traveling/working outside the US) so I appreciate what you have to say. Okay, okay, I'll admit I also agree with most of your political p.o.v. but I've also been know to watch Fox News to hear their side of it. Hear - yes, agree with - almost never!
Anyway, keep up your "usual drivel" but don't leave out any "political drivel" if you are so moved to write it. I, for one, will be reading.

Merujo said...

I'd like to hear Karl Rove say "mm'kay" like the school counselor on South Park. That might make him less scary!

Karl Rove is Weaselboy! A whole new brand of superhero!