Thursday, June 23, 2005

Outstanding, and yet... not so outstanding...

I have just received a deeeelightful e-mail of rejection for a really good job:

"Dear Ms. X:

It was great to have a chance to review your resume. You were clearly one of the most outstanding candidates to apply. You have a tremendously impressive background in Eurasian issues. However, your educational credentials aren't the right match for us, and we have chosen to interview other candidates."

Outstanding and impressive. But, apparently, not outstanding and impressive enough.

15 years of field experience. Fluent Russian. Attended the London School of Economics. But I don't have that goddamned M.A. that is so important here in DC. Makes one want to buy one from an Internet diploma mill...

"Ooooh! 15 years experience and an M.A. from the Shady Hill Puppy Farm School of Business! You're hired!"

I guess I should have gotten one, a credit at a time, over the past few years. My bad.

Me. June 23, 2005.

Is Borders hiring? I can stock books. I know how to alphabetize. I can learn to make a latte.



Anonymous said...

It's only going to get harder for you, I'm sorry to say. If you're really almost 40 *and* you don't have a masters degree, maybe you should apply for a job at Borders.

Sorry. But the younger and better educated are going to win out over the older and less educated all the time.

I'm lucky. Call me 'Younger and Better Educated'.

Anonymous said...

Feh! It all depends on what you're looking to do. Personally, I think Merujo should be writing for a living, and you don't need to be younger or better educated to do that.

You can call me "Much older, happy, and with just a high school education"!


Anonymous said...

Your "Younger and Better Educated" anonymous poster is also an "ass". I wonder if that gives them a leg up in the business world, too?

Really, shouldn't they be "too cool" to be posting here? Move along "witless wonder child"... really, we older folks won't miss you one tiny bit.

Merujo: You Rock - MA or not!


Sasquatch said...

Younger and Better Educated and apparently completely devoid of empathy. Nice. If only there were some way to repeatedly ram your car in a parking lot à la Kathy Bates in "Fried Green Tomatoes"... Alas, no matter how temporarily satisfying it might be, it would be futile. Both our cars would be dented, you'd still be annoying, and I'd still be annoyed with you.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... the poor soul needs to take a Symbolic Logic course. Methinks he confuses "educated" with "knowledgable".

What I see is that the "younger and better educated" are:
-- assumed to be knowledgable, but often aren't.
-- come with a cheaper price tag then someone like me (47 with a BS and +20 years experience).
-- won't threaten established management (everyone loves to hire subordinates, not possible peers or competitors for the next open management position).

I keep ahead of the technology and compete with the young on their own grounds. They hate me... I just smile.

About four years ago, I changed industries, from Aerospace Engineering to Strategic Intelligence. There was initial balking at my lack of an advanced degree but I was demure, knowing I'd written 20+ technical papers and knew my stuff. I quietly took a four-year pay cut because I wanted to do something different-- but as soon as I was in the door, I started working. I've more than made up the pay cut since then.

For those that can do the job; teach others to do it; and lead groups of people to do it-- there's a place. But, because you're competent, you'll scare the ones with whom you interview. You may wish to let this temper your future interviews. Be quiet, get in, then let the sun shine.

So far, this "Older and Hyper-competent" is doing just fine.

I wish you well in your searches.

Anonymous said...

What SJL said!

Mr./Ms. Younger and Better Educated really doesn't get it, they also obviously have no idea about how talented you are.

Also agree with Annie, Merujo you should go at writing for a gig! Even if just for pocket money while searching for that dream job. Besides, it's incredibly rewarding/validating seeing your own stuff in print. I still remember that from doing that regular column in that mag.

You do rock, Merujo!