Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Rush, dude, I thought you were off the Oxycontin...

This got an evil, evil chuckle from me. From DC media website

"Rant - 6/29 - Heard on WMAL. Where is Rush Limbaugh's mind these days? In describing President Bush's Tuesday speech on his Wednesday show, Rush blurted out that it was a 'gang bang.' He immediately cleared his throat and corrected himself, re-branding it a 'barn burner'."

Oh, that's lovely.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy... what channel was Rush watching???

Sounds like pay per view cable, not the President's address to me.

Go figure.


Merujo said...

I think the FCC better watch out for Rush. I mean, "gang bang" and "Bush" in the same sentence?!?!

The horror... the horror...