Sunday, June 12, 2005

Solo. Shoots. First.

This will only be amusing to you if you're a Star Wars fan. I swear to god, if Bud Light ever gets rid of the "Making Faces" software on their website, I will weep buckets. I can play with this crap for hours and hours and hours.


And a very good night to you all.


Kris said...

So right, absolutely amazing!
Woonder how you found it?

Merujo said...

Just go the Bud Light Veepers website and you can do it yourself! You can use one of the images they have or upload your own. I took the Greedo head, used their funky little program, and voila - in a minute I had a moving, blinking Greedo and put some words in his mouth. Of course, you used to be able to say really dirty stuff, but now the program has a filter on it. Ah well! Bud Light - keepin' it clean!