Friday, June 10, 2005

Thankya very much!

I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy this evening. (That's probably because I haven't showered after the gym yet. Ewww.)

I wanted to give a shout out to KOB of dc blogs for linking to my corner of paradise yesterday. That was very cool, and I appreciate it very much. (And it's very true, KOB. Bethesda is a weirdness magnet. Don't even get me started about fat, sunburned barefoot Jesus, whom I always see on a payphone down on Wisconsin, by Ranger Surplus...) That's the first time someone I don't know personally has linked to me, and it was great to find a site with so many local blogs collected in one spot. Much reading to do...

I must like you. I actually centered this picture.

And mucho thanks to the folks who pass through here and read all this crap. There are only 10 or 11 people who have ever left comments, and I hope they alone don't make up the bulk of the hits on this blog. If that is the case, please, please, please - go outside. It's probably sunny where you are! There is warm weather frolicking to be done!!!

But, genuinely, thanks. Writing here is keeping me sane while I job hunt and, if it entertains someone along the way, that's pretty cool, too. And, my spastic writing style gives the Sasquatch an opportunity to call someone and correct grammar and spelling errors. I know he enjoys identifying my flubs, although they pain him. He is a very precise writer and my "blind spider monkey typing on crack" mistakes make his ass chew gum. (Everyone should have the benefit of a personal editor...)

I'm off to have another exciting Friday evening in suburbia, featuring a dinner of Lean Pockets and one of the myriad showings of Into the West on TNT. Tom Shales says the show is really depressing, but the cast looks really amazing, and the scenery will beat the hell out of whatever re-runs are on elsewhere. Here goes nuthin'...

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Anonymous said...

You are very welcome.

I have been a satisfied and loyal reader since May 1, 2005. Please know that I always read, even if I don't post.

I remember that I found your blog because you left a clever and articulate comment on somebody else's site. Once having tasted your wit, I became curious and clicked on your User's Name and it linked me here.

Eventually, it is my plan to read back through your archived posts, as I have had a hoot of a time reading the newer stuff!

I am an observer by nature, so I am naturally drawn to people that have a knack for writing in such a way that it opens little windows in the mind of the reader, letting them see life from a different perspective.

We live on opposite sides of a large country and I like the fact that I can effortlessly take a peek at life on the flip side. A wonderfully cheap and vicarious adventure.

There is nothing so fascinating to me as experiencing the realities of life, with all it's foibles, through the eyes of another person. I appreciate your creativity and ability to find social commentary in the most simple of places... it truly is an art form.