Thursday, June 30, 2005

Theater of the Mind

I had an audioblog entry up here about tonight, and I took it down. Hated the way it sounded. Lord, could I have been more wussy-sounding?!?

Tonight in a nutshell:

1. Tried to go to a meditation class (never been before) - I wanted to learn about relaxation and breathing techniques. Didn't make it. The parking lot was overflowing and parking around the venue was totally prohibited.

2. Then tried to go the gym. Enormous storm from hell whips up and the gym has no power.

3. Ordered semi-healthy dinner from Wendy's drive-thru - grilled chicken, side salad, fruit cup, etc.

4. Tried to go home. Fire truck and tree struck by lightening blocked off entrance to street. Sat outside for a while.

5. Noticed that my entire neighborhood was pitch black.

6. Rain stopped. Fire truck left. Finally got home.

7. Watched two transformers blow up in a spectacular fashion directly in front of me.

8. Lit candles all over the place, turned on AM/FM/TV radio to NBC and listened to Law & Order.

9. Opened bag from Wendy's. Discovered I was given wrong order. Chicken sandwich was now a triple bacon cheeseburger. Side salad and fruit replaced by two huge orders of fries, an overly sugary bowl of mandarin oranges, with a Jr. cheeseburger thrown in for good measure.

10. Give up on dinner. Decide karma is bad. Take shower. Try to sleep in slowly heating oven of an apartment.

11. Spend two hours listening to more transformers blow.

12. Finally get power back. Check e-mail. Eat melting sugar-free popcicles for dinner.

Yes, it's been a lovely evening. In between transformer explosions, I did turn the radio off and just enjoyed the silence. A wonderful, palpable silence. But the heat and mugginess made it less enjoyable as the evening went on.

A highlight tonight was listening to "Lost" on ABC, by candlelight. "Lost" makes for an interesting radio drama. This was a great dialogue episode, with Locke telling Jack about the specialness of the island. Locke's always got some of the finest lines on the show.

So, now, everything's back to normal-ish. It'll take a while for the place to cool down, and I hope the transformers don't blow again. For being so close to the Pentagon and the White House, the area has the weakest power grid I've ever seen.


Anonymous said...

Read your comment about Tom Cruise on Rosie's "Famous" blog entry. I guess I don't know much about his religion. Do Scientologists really believe aliens "infected" the earth millions of years ago? Can you provide a link about this? Thank you.

Meredith C.

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! What a night...

I think it was a sign from God that you were meant to eat the triple bacon cheeseburger, but I could be reading it wrong.

Thank goodness for radio... people have kind of forgotten about radio, but it's always reliable in any disaster - a faithful servant of mankind.

Weak power grid? Jeepers, I hope the evil terrorists remain oblivious to that fact... We, as a nation, are overly dependent on electricity and nothing brings us to our knees quicker than candlelight and silence... oh dear.