Monday, June 13, 2005

They must make a helluva Sno-Ball in Mississippi...

According to Fox News, a Mississippi teen blew his daddy away with a shotgun over shaved ice and syrup. Curtis McCray Jr., 16, had been left at home while his parents went out on a Sno-Ball run. Young master McCray went berserk when his parents returned without a tasty frozen treat for him. Apparently, algebra in Mississippi goes something like this:

A cup of shaved ice + Belligerent teen = Capped daddy.

Be sure you know all your flavor options...

Perhaps Hostess, still smarting from that old "Twinkie Defense" thing, should ride this horse like the wind:

Hostess Sno Balls: not yet demonstrated to encourage violence!

Then again, why does it look like they're being held up in an ominous gloved hand???

OJ? Is that you?


Anonymous said...

Awesome photoshopping, dude. Made me laugh out loud, but then I'm kind of simple like that.

Merujo said...

It's amazing what you can do with the free "Paint" program that comes with the computer. ;-) It looks like I did it with a crappy labelmaker!