Monday, June 20, 2005

TV Recommendation for Tonight

9 p.m. EST on the Travel Channel: Michael Palin's Himalaya.

I love this guy. I have a big-time older man crush on him. And I would travel with him anywhere. He's the kind of traveler I aspire to be. Palin is someone who gets into the cultures and the experiences - with decency and respect and humor. It's great stuff, people. If you're going to watch TV tonight, turn off the network re-runs and see something really cool.

9 p.m.

Travel Channel.

Two episodes back-to-back.

Learn something.

See something pretty and cool and different.

Enjoy the charming traveler.

See the Himalayas without food poisoning or altitude sickness.

Can't beat that with a stick.


Rach said...

Micheal Palin is an absolute legend over here in the UK. Not sure if you know about Monty Python - a comedy group who have made a number of sketch movies, but he was a member of the team. But he doesn't half do a great travel show! he's been pole to pole, around the equater, and all over the place. His journeys through the Himalayas are amazing! i think my favourite part about it is the colours. they are just so beautiful. I hope you enjoyed the show, and that you continue to watch many more....they're amazing.

on a side note, i'm trying to finish Song of Susannah as fast as i can....I need me to finish The Dark Tower, as much as Roland does. I'm desperate to get to the end! i've been totally gripped since the first book!

take care

Merujo said...

I adore Michael Palin! And I was raised on Monty Python, which may account for some of my twisted sense of humor.

I think Palin's travel shows totally rock. I've loved them all. Can't wait for next week's installments.

And you will love The Dark Tower. I cried. Haven't cried over a book in a long time, but this one got me several times. Sigh.