Saturday, July 23, 2005

New Michael Penn Video - NOT

Sorry, guys. I just found out that the blog link I found to the Michael Penn "Walter Reed" video was NOT supposed to be posted and available to the general public. As a law-abiding member of the general public - and someone who doesn't want to offend the talented Mr. Penn - I've deleted the entry where I raved about it and gave you the link to it that I found on Technorati. Apparently, if I've read the message on the Michael Penn Yahoo list correctly, Michael Penn was definitely unhappy about this development (not about me finding it, as far as I know, but with the fact that one of the filmmakers had posted the link on his blog, releasing the video early.)

I'm personally a little freaked out now as, before I had a chance to read this message and pull my link down, there was an unfamiliar visitor to my blog from California who, according to StatCounter, searched Technorati for my blog references to Michael Penn. I certainly hope it wasn't Michael or any of his management people. I would feel terrible - and a little terrified, now that I know that the video link wasn't supposed to be out on the Internet anyway.

Dang it.


Anonymous said...

Well, if Mr. Penn or his management decided to smack you down for posting a link from a publicly searchable blog, I think you should point out to them that you've been broke and out of work for months now, but you still find time to promote his music on your weblog.


Never left a comment before, but figured it was about time.

Merujo said...

Thanks. If they wanted to sue me, I'm afraid all they'd get was a pile of credit card debt and a bunch of Russian souvenirs (which they're welcome to take.)

Wouldn't that just be my luck. As if being jobless and penniless ain't enough!

Well, I guess I'm done promoting music on my blog, eh? :-(

Spencer said...

I spoke to Michael via IM and these are his words:

not her fault, the fault isn't Thomas either, but the cinematographer that put the link on his blog, thank the girl for me, actually, because she gave the list the early sneak that they deserve.

Nobody blames you.

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I was the shooter on the video and sincerily apologies for posting up the link. I thought my mother was the only one who would ever look at my blog as I am new to the blogging world.


Merujo said...

Hi, Jim,

Sorry about the problems. I found the link on Technorati and was really excited. My bad. Welcome to the world of blogging - if it's out there, someone will find it.

BTW, the video is GORGEOUS. Really, really beautiful.