Sunday, July 10, 2005

Strange Things Afoot at the Circle K...

Recently, at the suggestion of the Sasquatch, I changed my hit counter to one from the fine folks at Now, I can see just where folks are coming from when they visit my blog. It's kinda fun to see how people end up on my doorstep. And sometimes, it's a little disturbing.

A lot of folks land here by virtue of Blogger's "next blog" feature. That explains the people who show up here via such delightful places as "" and "" My, my, my. There sure are a whole lot of really weird commercial sites out there. Most of the people who reach the Church of the Big Sky via "next blog" stay here a total of 0 seconds. Zero. And just like that, they're off to more pleasant lands and fertile imaginations.

There are also a lot of visitors from Portugal who stay for zero seconds. I didn't know that "Merujo" is a Portuguese name. (I do now.)

Through the wonders of StatCounter, I'm also able to find out how people find me while Googling odd phrases. Today, my favorite search engine entry is: "this chick" + "missing two fingers". Yes, these two phrases together brought up three entries on Google, and one of them was my blog. I just want to know why someone was Googling those two phrases together. (Does that person know my scary freshman year college roommate, too???)

Of course, when I Google, I find weird stuff, so nothing should surprise me. When I was looking for a picture of crustaceans to go along with my little poem recently, this image popped up, simply under the listing for "crabs":

Clearly, this crab is still stuck in the Gordon Gekko/"Greed is good"/Jay McInerney/"Bright Lights, Big City" 1980's. Somebody call Crockett and Tubbs!

(Rehab, dude. It's all about rehab now. I'm sure we can get you a room at Promises Malibu.)

Yeah, the World Wide Web is one messed up place. But I guess it's good to know there's space enough for me and the hot-tub-babes. God bless the Internet and all who sail on her.


Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to say hello, especially since the Sasquatch recently figured out that I was a certain domain you had both been noticing on your counters. I'll officially de-lurk to say that I'm enjoying your writing and while I'm rooting for you to find a job asap, I do appreciate that you post throughout the day!
- Erin

Merujo said...

Hey! Glad to see you de-lurk here! Nice to know I'm up to an official 5.5 readers. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Crud... so, you now know how often I drop by?

It's so sad, that you now know, that I have no life... not that you haven't suspected such for quite some time.



PS: In my defense, you do write often and it is easy to miss stuff.