Friday, July 08, 2005

Through the airwaves

I am very glad that iTunes Radio features stations from the UK. Late last night, I tuned into the stream for Virgin Radio via iTunes, listening to hear how Londoners were handling the first morning commute after yesterday's foul attacks. And Londoners were, as I expected them to, carrying on with life.

It was only later today, when I saw a photograph of a lone commuter standing on a Tube station platform, that it came back to me how horrific the day had to be for my favorite city. I've heard that there are still bodies deep underground, buried in the shredded remains of Tube train cars, and people are still looking for lost loved ones. I read of one woman looking for her boyfriend. His mobile phone was found near one of the blast sites, still working, ringing with her calls, but he is nowhere to be found.

I remember how much I cried when I saw scared, desperate people, looking for loved ones in New York back in 2001, telling stories and giving descriptions in between sobs. And it just plays out over and over again, doesn't it? I've often wondered how people in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and other bomb-ridden cities handle it? How many people walk around in a state of post-traumatic shock 24/7? Are there shrinks and meds enough to keep the entire population from freaking out?


I want to go to the gym and pound the treadmill, but now I'm paranoid about hurting my weird monkey feet. What's a girl with weird monkey feet to do?

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