Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Jesus, People, Get a Grip!

Today, 5,500 idiots desperate for 4-year-old $50 iBooks trampled each other in a stampede for craptops. One elderly man was knocked to the ground, some nut tried to drive through the crowd, and one woman urinated on herself rather than lose place in line for a chance at an outdated piece of technology.

Available at the Richmond Visitors Center...
(Click image to enlarge)

iBooks & such surely rock when new, but, dang, 4-year-old computers??? Laptops used and abused by school kids??? Well, at that point, it's just CrApple.

This mania may be a sign that Steve Jobs is the devil. But, I'm not sure...


It might just be that there are simply a whole lotta really stupid people in Richmond, Virginia.

Yeah, you know, come to think of it... I think I'm going with Option 2, there...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Clearly, Option 2.

This isn't even a funny example of "Cattle Mentality" - instead it's just sad and pathetic.

I mean, really, she peed on herself. I can't imagine wanting anything bad enough to do that.