Thursday, August 25, 2005

National Zoo Announces Panda-Naming Contest

The National Zoo here in Washington, DC is having a nationwide contest to name the baby panda recently born at the scandal-ridden animal park. It's not a creative contest. The zoo has five names that voters may choose from, and one of the voters will be randomly selected for a trip for two to DC to visit the (usually) sexually repressed bamboo munchers. Since a visit to the National Zoo only requires a 15-minute Metro trip (or gas money and the patience to find available parking in Woodley Park), I'll pass on entering.

The possible names available for voting are:

  • Hua Sheng, which means "China Washington" and "magnificent."
  • Sheng Hua, which means "Washington China" and "magnificent."
  • Tai Shan, which means "peaceful mountain."
  • Long Shan, which means "dragon mountain."
  • Qiang Qiang, which means "strong, powerful."

  • Were I running the contest, I would add the following possibility:

    Ah Krap, which means "Dear god, please don't kill me with the same incompetence, mishandling, and leaving around of rat poison that's killed a bunch of other National Zoo animals!"

    But, I'm not running the contest, so I guess I'll just fold my hands in my lap and sit quietly.

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