Saturday, September 17, 2005

Google Earth: Good Thing, Bad Thing, or Scary Thing?

I installed Google Earth on my computer tonight and just viewed the house I grew up in, the building where I live now, and my university hall of residence in London (the location of the bus bomb blast earlier this year.) I was even able to identify the the skylight on Apartment 14A on the new American Embassy compound in Moscow, Russia - my first home in the Soviet Union. Damn.

It's cool, but there is a creepy, stalker-y feeling to Google Earth, too. I feel a little unsettled by it. I also was zooming in on cities with such speed, I got a little ill.

Interesting toy. Must ponder it.

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Merujo said...

I was freaked by the people on the street in Moscow. And by the fact that I could identify the location of the
"secure core" of the American Embassy.

There's something so Tom Clancy about it - and totally addictive. I've become a satellite voyeur.