Saturday, September 03, 2005

Okay, who's the big freak?

A blog entry I wrote months ago about quitting my water aerobics class apparently popped up on a Google search. Not on a Google search for "water aerobics" mind you.

Thanks to the wonders of StatCounter, I now know that some whack job in Tamil Nadu, India found my blog while searching for this string of items:

"softball cheney this is going to be big olympics dies die widow handicapped democracy snow prostitute"

WTF, man? WTF?

Is Dick Cheney planning on organizing a winter-time Special Olympics softball team for widowed prostitutes to help spread democracy in Tamil Nadu? Are "snow prostitutes" like snow leopards? (Will Animal Planet or Discovery be doing a special? Maybe National Geographic? "The Snow Prostitutes of Tamil Nadu"...) Or is there just some bored, twisted freak in West Bumblefuck, India?

And, interestingly, my post does not mention any of the following:

-handicapped anything

It does, however, mention softball.

If anyone has any insight - or would like to come up with their own hypothesis - feel free to be in touch.


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