Thursday, November 03, 2005


Up in the headlines section of right now:

Riots in Paris.

Scooter Libby pleads not guilty.

Joey Buttafuoco is selling protein shakes in Hollywood.

Whaaa? Yep. That's headline news for ya. Joey Buttafuoco is running a craft services company serving up goodies to the Desperate Housewives. This is major news? Did the war end in Iraq? How the hell did I miss that?

The face that launched a thousand health shakes. Yeaaaah, right.
Nicollette Sheridan needs a nectarine-kiwi smoothie! STAT!

Someone at needs to be slapped. And slapped hard.


Washington Cube said...

These days Joey and anyone who achieves fame through some criminal activity (Lorena Bobbitt, the Menendez brothers, etc.) allow some portion of citizens to live out their fantasies through those who have crossed over the wrong side of the law..or so the media seems to believe. Amy Fisher shoots her alleged boyfriend's wife and she becomes a sensation: The Long Island Lolita. The story was a media event, the subject of three made for tv movies, two of which were presented on the same night. She is a nobody, as are Joey and his wife. Joey's fame comes from having an affair with a young girl. A lying adulterer. His girlfriend tries to blow away his wife, she botches the job, and this is enough to keep him in the media eye with the public fed on the decaying carcass of it...for how long? Who do we contact at CNN to say "enough." Fuggetaboutit.

Merujo said...

Amen. This is utter lameness.

BTW, love the smoking turkey.

Merujo said...

Joey was, I think, a driving force in the mulletization of America. His is, of course, the prototypical LonGiland mullet, or Mullitaliano.

Claire said...

I thought this week's ep of Boston Legal (the latest David E. Kelley show) made some great points re: media and the lack of coverage of Iraq. We can spend a month on Terry Schiavo, the young woman missing in the Bahamas, but not on all the people dying over there? There was a lot more to the ep, but you get the idea. wtf cnn, indeed.