Thursday, November 10, 2005

Oops: A Correction

The Sasquatch just told me that the Atomic Editor is only 39. (At least the mocking bigfoot thinks so.) I was mortified, having aged the Editor dude before his time. I said I'd better take the birthday entry down, as the Editor probably wouldn't appreciate his premature turn of decade. The Sasquatch disagreed. He enjoyed the entry. I said the Editor wouldn't.

Replied the Sasquatch, laughing, "Eh, close enough! Fuck 'im!"

Ahhhh, the things only long time friends can get away with saying. Just remember, AE, that was the Squatchito who wanted you to stay old. Not me.

So, AE, my apologies for blowing the birthday greetings.

Gonzomantis - you're turning 40 for sure. No reprieve for you.

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