Thursday, November 17, 2005

Running on Empty (but still going)

Sorry that updates have been few and far between of late. I am really, really exhausted by my first week of work. (Exhausted but happy!) I've been the human sponge, trying to absorb information and acronyms and just trying to remember people's names, but my brain is pretty much full at this point. For the second night in a row, last night I fell asleep with teeth unbrushed and all the lights on. I intend to sleep a whole heapin' helpin' this weekend.

However, before flopping into dreamless sleep, I made a detour yesterday evening. Ms. Homebody ventured out in the cold, nasty rain after work (reminder: read the damn weather reports - an umbrella and a jacket would have been helpful yesterday) to join up with other folks at the Blogger Meetup at Pharaoh's in Adams-Morgan. I was tickled pink to finally meet the lovely and talented Always Write, along with some very cool gents, including Martin (who listened to all my goofy stories), Alex (to whom I apologize for not having been a sparkling conversationalist), and Rob, the ringleader of the group.

Also there, and a real pleasure to meet, was Frank Warren, the man behind PostSecret. He brought a copy of the new PostSecret book and a tin of real, genuine postcards for us to see. That was amazing. Turns out Frank digs AVAM and photobooths, too. I told him my story of meeting up with the jilted girlfriend in the booth in the basement of AVAM.

Coolness. And well worth crawling out from under my rock.

I'll have to crawl out more often.


alwswrite said...

You're the funnest bloggers, hands down :)

suze said...

i'm glad you're loving your new job! the blogger meet up sounds like fun :)