Sunday, December 18, 2005

I am SO for this

Theater owners want to block cell phone signals in movie theaters. Bring it on, I say! The cellular telephone lobbying association here in DC, CTIA, says it will fight this tooth and nail, claiming people need their phones in theaters in case of emergency.

Bullshit, I say.

We've been going out to the movies for decades without cell phones, and we've done just fine, thank you. The world has continued to turn. I have a cell phone, but the thought of using it in a theater has never crossed my mind. If I have some Major Life Event going on that requires me to be available by phone 24/7 without a two-hour break, you're not going to find me at the movies, harrassing other people with my oh-so-amusing ringtones and chatter.

And let's face it - when's the last time you were in a theater and heard this:

"Hello? A heart is available for transplant right now?!? Assemble the team! I'll be right there!"


This is what you usually hear:

"Hey. What's up? No, I can talk. Doin' nuthin'. Just watchin' this movie..."

And if these weasels can be stopped from getting a signal, I am so very, very, very for it. So, good luck, theater owners. But beware, CTIA has a shiteload of moolah behind them. I know, I used to go to their annual international conferences for my last job. (They had Gorbachev speak at the last one I went to in Florida.) But if every irritated moviegoer in America would speak up, maybe CTIA and congress would have to listen.

Before I smack someone in a darkened theater.



Washington Cube said...

I've been in the theatre, someone yapping on their cell, the other patrons yelling..I mean YELLING at him to GTF off, and he argues BACK...and does not get off the phone. Wassup wit THAT?

Claire said...

"Before I smack someone in a darkened theater."

I was completely with you, and then that line made me laugh.

I loathe hearing people talk in movies, to each other, on phones, whatever. I don't even want to hear people talk during the previews. What I hate most are chatters who blithely sit right IN FRONT of me after I arrived early to get a good seat.

I mainly keep my curmudgeonly ways restricted to midweek matinees these days.

Spencer said...

I think my list of where cell phones would be allowed is shorter but of course, I hate people so I'd rather their emergencies go unanswered - that's called natural selection.

Now let me enjoy Cheaper By the Dozen 2 in silence.

Spencer said...

Hey - how about banning kids under the age of 12 from theaters after 9?

author said...

I am SO totally on board, Merujo!

The argument that one has to be available in case of an emergency is such a load of bull!