Sunday, December 11, 2005

Lesson Learned

Apparently, I am allergic to the Body Shop's satsuma lotion. At least that's what I assume from the sudden swelling, burning, and itching of my hands and feet after application of the sherbet-y colored substance.

Upside: I smell all orange-y. Maybe that will take my mind off the pain...

Nope. No, it won't.


Hint to gift buyers and well-wishers: get Merujo some Aveda Foot Relief. This does not make her extremities swell and burn.


Clue to Merujo: stick with the Aveda stuff. It does not make your extremities swell and burn.

Off to fill a ziploc bag with ice...


Vecordious One said...

I am very sensitive to all of Body Shop's stuff, but not Aveda's. I can't even walk into a Body Shop store anymore. I always assumed that Aveda was using "real" extracts, hence the higher cost.

Feel better soon!

Ouch! Not fun!

hoyameb said...

Body Shop = mall (eeeeeek!)

suze said...

i love the smell of satsuma, but i hate the body shop body lotions.


hope your extremeties feel better soon.

Washington Cube said...

I agree with Hoya. Eek to Body Shop AND malls.

alwswrite said...

Every try Kiss My Face Olive & Aloe lotion? It's sold in Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. Works for me, and I'm allergic to EVERYTHING. Palmer's Cocoa Butter creme is also lovely and it makes you smell like a mug of hot cocoa.

Merujo said...

I actually bought a HUMUNGOUS container of Palmer's Cocoa Butter creme today. It does smell luscious - and thank god, I'm not allergic to it!