Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Oh my god

A Sam's Club rep was in our cafeteria today at work. I decided to renew my membership (if just for cheap eyewear) and entered a raffle they were having. They had a lovely, lovely gift basket, full of goodies. Aaaaand, they also had an enormous cardboard box that looked scary.

I won.

The big cardboard box.

(Hey, Merujo, what's in the big scary box?)

A six-foot tall white metal angel, partially assembled and fully illuminated with 450 clear twinkle lights.

Did I mention the angel weights a ton and is blowing a horn?

It's currently set up in our office hallway, as decoration for our holiday party this afternoon.

I live in a small apartment. I have no idea what the hell I'm going to do with a six-foot tall, fully illuminated metal angel.

Maybe I can drive around with him in the front seat of my car and use the HOV lanes on 270.

Photos to come...


hoyameb said...


author said...

MG! How come there's always something really bothersome (is that a word even?) in the grand prize when it's one of us (as opposed to one of *them* - the ones we don't know and just envy from a distance and sort of hate a bit)that wins it?

Well, you had a few seconds of blissfull ignorance and excitement - it could have been something to eat - or drink even - for a few seconds it *could have been*, right?!

Happy seasons, Merujo!

suze said...

congratulations (?) on you win!

i'm with hoyameb...ebay - there has to be someone out there thinking "damn, i need a a six-foot tall white metal angel, partially assembled and fully illuminated with 450 clear twinkle lights."

merry christmas!

Washington Cube said...

eBay or donate to a church.

Elizabeth cheesecake Montgomery said...

Hey Lissa, The 57 chickens would like to say that a giant metal illuminated angel makes a great festive holiday roosting rack and they would like to inquire about shipping to zip code 61238?

Claire said...

salvation army, out of the closet, goodwill or some other such. They might even haul it away for you.

In CA, you could just put it on the curb with a 'free' sign, and someone would take it.