Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Okay, who wants to go see the Gaithersburg holiday lights?

I'm thinkin' Thursday. Maybe go for a coffee at Mayorga in King Farm afterwards? (That's near the Shady Grove Metro.)

C'mon, somebody else has to be a sucker for holiday light displays!! It's $10 for a carload of people - a bargain for 3.5 miles of festive fun! Whoo-hoo!

So... any takers?


Vecordious One said...

Remember Carson Williams?


I noticed that they are using his 2004 display for a beer commercial during a football game over the weekend.

I kid you not, it was for a "lite" beer. Get it? LOL!

Hopefully, he will make enough to money to pay for next year's show.


Chairborne Stranger said...

I'm totally there for the lights with you. What day??

alwswrite said...

I schlep to Les Boonies for one reason and one reason only: To visit my hairdresser. But I have seen those before. It's... quite a spectacle. Have fun!

suze said...

if i were closer, i'd totally go with you. christmas lights, drive through starbucks, fantastic company. what's not to love?

Merujo said...

VO - I hope he's getting a nice paycheck for that. The beer companies can sure afford it.

Chairborne - if you can get a flight from Baghdad, you're on! I was planning on Thursday, but that schedule might be a little tight for your particular travel agent, eh?

Always - I totally understand that! I was in Baltimore tonight to pick up a friend at BWI, and I stopped by Hampden to see the lights there. The traffic was wacked, but it was fun.

Suze - you would be very, very welcome company!!


Washington Cube said...

I swore after I wrote my last piece on flaccid Santas that I was done with Christmas for the year. Time for me to start packing it away. I did have a good holiday, though and managed to see a lot of fun things.