Sunday, December 04, 2005

Those unfortunate life lessons

Tonight I found out that liquid dishwasher detergent can go bad if left in the cupboard long enough. Let's just say that the chemicals in an economy-size bottle of lemon-y fresh Sunlight automatic dishwasher detergent break down after a while. Things happen. Clumps and lumps occur. Sedimentary layers are created. And, if you decide to empty out the jumbo plastic container for recycling, odors eminate.

Bad odors.

I had no idea that lemon-y soap could turn into a sludge that smells just like fresh dog turds.

Oh god, I didn't.

And now, with the temperatures hovering in the 30s, I have every apartment window open, in the hopes of ridding my home of parfum du doggie poop. And I need a shower because the stink is on my hands.

Two things to remember: 1)don't buy extra detergent just because it's on sale, and 2) if you do, don't forget about it long enough for it to mutate.

Guess I'll be piling on the extra blankets for sleeping tonight. There's no way the windows are getting closed yet.

Holding my nose, shivering, and hoping I won't still have stinky hands in the a.m.,



Shafa said...

Febreeze, my friend. Febreeze to the rescue.

Washington Cube said...

Who knew it pew? Eww.

suze said...

ewwwwww. good to know. bad for you. hope the smell has disappated.