Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Great Forty-Eight (Part 2, kinda)

T-minus... well, hell... I don't remember at this point...

I have to admit, my last entry about the trip to L.A. was not my finest hour. It was fairly boring. It took a long time to read, and, hell, I didn't even get us to our hotel room by the end. That's sad. The Sasquatch managed to get through all of Friday in a single post. Damn him and his concise writing and stoic efficiency!

Sadly, the cold that I was wishing away last week has smacked me down with a vengence tonight, and my sinuses hurt like a sonufabitch. So, Part 2 of this tale will have to wait until tomorrow night, alas.

But I'll leave you with these L.A. images to ponder:

Catch up with y'all tomorrow. Now, it's time for time release Vitamin C and some quality time in a steamy shower...

(You can read Part One of this unintential epic here.)

1 comment:

Cyn said...

Actually, I didn't think that post was boring at all. So, never fear.

Looking forward to Part 2 (Hey, I need to live vicariously through somebody...)