Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Dang it!

I know the rules: carry the camera at all times. Yet, I forget most days.

Tonight, a kitchen and bath remodeling store in Bethesda fell victim to the devious Neon Gods and was reduced to this:


Now, "Hen & Bat" is a store I'd visit. In fact, I'd like Hen & Bat to design a fine master bath for me, complete with heated roosting rack and a nice textured ceiling, with good grips for hanging upside down while steaming one's leathery wings. Perhaps they have a semi-annual "feathers & guano" 75 percent off sale.

One can only hope.

I will have to bring the camera tomorrow and hope the Neon Gods are still up to their antics come evening...

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Scholiast said...

But what about the bird flu..?