Tuesday, February 28, 2006

How did you come to be lost?

I know.

Not much content of late. More is pending. I have some grumbling I want to do about Bode Miller. I have a half-finished post about my trek to Richmond with the Sasquatch.

I'm really focused on churning out a post for March 16th. It's taking more time and energy than I expected. March 16th is the one-year anniversary of my world being turned upside down by idiots, and I'm finally going to tell my story. Because this had such a huge impact on my life, it's hard for me to write about.

It crushed me. Tore me up and terrified me.

Initially, I was scared by the thought of writing anything down, but now, I know I need to say my piece about the whole ugly, stupid event. But, boy, is it ever hard to decide what to say without sounding bitter or spilling out a lot of words better directed to the Inspector General of a federal agency.

I really just want to share my story as a way of saying to anyone faced with workplace adversity - no matter where you are and how low you have been brought by stupid and cruel people - there is a way out and a better place to be.

It'll be a long post. Just a heads up there, kids.

More soon...


Washington Cube said...

::bracing self:::

Merujo said...

Hopefully, it won't bore you silly, Cube!

Scholiast said...

We'll be here :)

Sudiegirl said...

I will be there for you when you post this item.

And I know about workplace adversity too, m'dear.

Hang in there, and I'll be there to read and cheer you on for going on to better things and flippin' off the bastards that screwed you!