Monday, February 06, 2006

Zithromax to the rescue

All hail the amazing Zithromax Z-pak!

Six pills. Five days.

Kick this m-f'ing infection to the curb! YEAH!

Figure 1. Zithromax. My best buddy.


Shafa said...

bizarre. I actually understand it.

and i don't want to.


Pirate Twin said...

Congratulations, and I apologize on behalf of Los Angeles. It's probably southern CA that made you so sick!

We drove through Bakersfield over the weekend -- the pesticide/fertilizer smell knocks you out. My daughter and I had a sneezing reaction & stuffiness that we're just now getting over. It's like a pseudo cold. Totally weird.

Sasquatch said...

I don't understand it, but it makes me think of the Mooninites for some reason.

Washington Cube said...

I totally heart that stuff.

suze said...

hooray!!! feel better soon!!!

Claire said...


Spencer said...

Ugh - my client from hell used to work on Zithromax for Pfizer. The thought of it gives me shivers. (Not the drug, the client.)

Feel better.

Vecordious One said...


It's my drug of choice.

Vecordious One