Saturday, March 25, 2006

Reconnecting With My Inner Geek

Something's missing. The girl who grew up watching old school Star Trek with her mom, the woman who waited in Moscow for people to send VHS tapes of the latest episodes of Quantum Leap and Twin Peaks and ST: The Next Generation... well, she's missing her geek groove these days.

I haven't seen a single episode of the new Battlestar Galactica, and I never saw even a minute of Farscape or Babylon 5. I just discovered that I completely missed the run of Night Watch (Nochnoi Dozor) here in DC, and I have a feeling that, if I don't get my butt in gear, I'll probably miss V For Vendetta.

What the heck happened? I mean, I can still recite all the dialogue to Star Wars. That's Star Wars. Not Episode IV. Not "A New Hope." Just Star Wars, baby. Vintage 1977.

I have my Buckaroo Banzai poster, my Big Trouble in Little China poster... I just seem to be lacking the vibe right now.

Okay, my geek-friends: if you had one suggestion for getting me back in the swing of things, what would it be? I'll be getting my brand spankin' new issue of "The Middleman" this Wednesday (whoo-hoo, Javier!), so that'll certainly help.

Middleman = Good

If Spielberg, Lucas, and Ford would stop counting their money long enough to make that damned fourth Indiana Jones movie, that would go a very long way, indeed, toward getting me back on the horse. C'mon, guys - get thy crap together!! Do it for the kids! The middle-aged kids!

Indy = Good

I think I have to stop watching all forms of reality TV for a while. I think every moment spent watching Jonathan Antin have big pussy tantrums and cry and say "it's all about the hair" sucks more geek right out of me.

Antin = Bad

Watching people on Survivor whine about 30-some-odd days in some outback locale makes me want to bang my head against the wall. 36 days finding your own food? Boo-hoo! Try years and years of traveling in post-Soviet goodness, looking for clean water, toilet paper, and soup without meal worms in it!

Survivor = Not really interesting anymore.
(Stick a fork in Jeff Probst. It's all done.)

But, I digress...

Anyone have some geeky goodness to recommend? Is Battlestar Galactica on DVD yet? Is Farscape on DVD? (Or Babylon 5, for that matter.) I'm really out of touch...


Merujo said...

Looks like I have some Netflix'in to do, eh?

Muchas gracias for the good word, adeluge!!

Claire said...

Indy doesn't really qualify as geek-fare does he? (I'm worried about the 4th film screwing up my love of 1 and 3.)

BSG is quite good though a bit heavy on violence in some eps for my taste. (I've just seen the 2nd half of eps or so from season 2).

Dr. Who! That's perfect geek fix. SciFi just started airing the new/latest BBC show the other week. Friday nights. Season 1 DVD comes out in July.

Farscape airs in reruns on UPN on the weekends here along with Stargates SG-1, Atlantis, and Enterprise.

hoyameb said...

Charles watches BSG *religiously*, and he liked Firefly a lot too. I'm really wishing I had watched that when it was on (yay DVDs!)

Babylon 5 is definitely on DVD, all five seasons. It keeps getting cheaper and cheaper on Amazon...

Loracs said...

All I can think of when I see an ad for any of the "reality" tv shows is how many actors and writers are out of jobs! It's been a boom for editors, I hear. I believe you actually get negative geek points for watching too much reality tv. ;-)

BSG, Farscape and Firefly are good shows. I think I like Firefly best. Go see "V for Vendetta", there's some story problems, but man, oh, man what they did with voice, body language and lighting to bring his mask to life. It was incredible.