Monday, April 03, 2006

Radio, Radio: Time To Get Cracking!

I'll have another radio commentary on WAMU on Friday, April 14th! The only problem? I have to record it this coming Tuesday and, well... I haven't written it yet. I have some concepts sketched out, but nothing is done. Eeek!

Originally, it was supposed to be on the April 21st show, but it got moved up today. So, Madame Procrastination really has to get her ass in gear. If you see no new entries here for a couple of days, it's because I'm attempting radio creativity... plus I have to do my taxes. Guess I know how my weekend is gonna look, eh?

Off to ponder... Attempt to be funny... four minutes, fifteen seconds of funny...


Claire said...

Good luck!

Washington Cube said...

Well you can always talk about that stupid cow who hit you with her car and then kept talking on her cell phone while you were lying in the road. The Age of Indifference.