Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

You were the coolest. Ever.


Sasquatch said...

This is most certainly true. I know she was a Methodist, but a little bit of Lutheran affirmation can't hurt. I think she'd be very proud of you and your resolve throughout the past year or so.

Merujo said...

Thanks, hon. I'm really missing her today. Not that I don't miss her every single day, but today is tougher.

Merujo said...

Consider a glass raised from this side of our flat earth, Beth! I remember how tough that first year was without Mom, so I offer you a virtual hug on this Mother's Day.

How neat to know what your mom was up to during the war! We had a couple of pretty cool maternal types, for sure.

And, dear lord, I hope my mom can't see my apartment right now. I would be mortified. Someone, call me Merry Maids - STAT!