Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

You were the coolest. Ever.


Sasquatch said...

This is most certainly true. I know she was a Methodist, but a little bit of Lutheran affirmation can't hurt. I think she'd be very proud of you and your resolve throughout the past year or so.

Merujo said...

Thanks, hon. I'm really missing her today. Not that I don't miss her every single day, but today is tougher.

Beth in Colorado said...

Know what you mean. Today was my first Mother's Day without my mom on this earth. It was a rather empty feeling, to be sure.

Oddly enough, though my mom was no match for yours in the coolness front, the pictures of her as a young woman bear a striking resemblance to photos of my mom as a young woman. Her contribution to the WWII effort was to work, albeit in a small way, for the Manhattan Project at Oak Ridge national laboratory. Alas, she kept her subversive side pretty well out of sight most of the time, but every so often it peeped out.

Anyway, consider this a glass raised to our moms, who may be comparing notes these days! No doubt yours would be proud indeed. (I just have to hope that mine can't see the inside of my house from where she is.)

Merujo said...

Consider a glass raised from this side of our flat earth, Beth! I remember how tough that first year was without Mom, so I offer you a virtual hug on this Mother's Day.

How neat to know what your mom was up to during the war! We had a couple of pretty cool maternal types, for sure.

And, dear lord, I hope my mom can't see my apartment right now. I would be mortified. Someone, call me Merry Maids - STAT!