Monday, July 03, 2006

Crack found in foam on space shuttle

Astronauts look around nervously, shuffle feet. One says, "Dude, that's not my crack. Someone must have planted it in the foam!"

Sorry. Couldn't help it.

I hope the flight goes off without a hitch, although I'm starting to feel kind of Capricorn One-ish about it right now. "We got a call from the White House. Approval numbers are still down, even though we took the Japanese dude to Graceland. Can we postpone lift-off until July 4th? We can have fireworks and someone singing about being proud to be an American and all that stuff..."

God. Capricorn One. A movie with Sam Waterston and... O.J. Simpson. I'm surprised that hell didn't freeze over.


Pirate Twin said...

Honestly, NASA's blind bureaucracy is a real problem. It's people creating their own job security - for what? How else does one explain the requiem launch march, for a shuttlecraft which has dubious overall safety, costs a fortune, isn't really "doing" much of anything, and which has two no-go votes (that I'm aware of) already? And if confronted with these (and other, much more scientifically critical) questions, their main answer is, 'well, if they get stranded up there, they can hang out at ISS until they're rescued.'


Claire said...

I actually happened to see the takeoff live yesterday. I was surprised at how paranoid I felt; it took me right back to seeing Challenger explode live.