Monday, July 10, 2006


"In time you'll see that some things travel faster than light
In time you'll recognize that love is larger than life..."

I'm sitting here tonight, just quietly filling my iPod with music - thousands of songs to keep me sane and happy and not thinking about my melty, wavy, messed-up vision.

"I know where the sun goes
I have seen the world turning..."

And there's one song - "Faster Than Light" by Neil Finn - that haunts me right now. It makes me think about my friends and family and coworkers who have been so kind and thoughtful and supportive.

"And praise will come to those whose kindness leaves you without debt
And bends the shape of things that haven't happened yet..."

My thanks to you all. I am richer for knowing you.


Loracs said...

And I am richer for knowing you. You graciously welcome us into your world; sharing your insights, humor and memories. And even now, as you adjust your self image to include this reduced vision, you don't close us out.

There is a richness in your writing, your sharing, that will not be dimmed. I hope you can hold tight to all the folks (family, friends, co-workers and your faithful readers) who cherish what you offer the world.

Hang tight and if you ever want to talk, email your phone number and a good time for me to call ( and I'll be there.

suze said...

Aww sweetie. I'm so sorry. GIANT HUGS. And if there is anything I can do you have my email addy - just let me know...