Thursday, July 27, 2006

Shining, Happy Bigots

Today, Andrew Sullivan's blog features a disturbing entry and links about the anti-gay antics of a mob in the Baltic city of Riga, Latvia. When you check out the link, look at the photo of the protesters. Tell me if you don't find it ironic that one of the "" chicks looks a lot like a transsexual channeling the Bay City Rollers. That 1970's Euro-mullet's gotta go, babycakes.

Sullivan's blog also features a Wonkette link to a rather amazing on-air exchange between UberFreak Daughter of Satan Ann Coulter and Donny Deutsch, where Coulter expresses some absolutely bizarre thoughts about latent homosexuality and Bill Clinton. Bill "Loves the Ladies" Clinton. Sullivan writes of Coulter: "She's a vaudeville act of a deranged bigot." Amen, Andrew.

When will Coulter's over-extended 15 minutes be up? Hasn't the glue factory called yet?

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kristen said...

I saw her on Hardball for a few minutes last night. Still rockin' that same too short, cheap terry-cloth-lookin' cocktail dress. Defending her gay Clinton attack as "standard feminist doctrine" and making other inappropriate jokes. Since when is the angry stick figure a feminist? I don't know why they still put her on tv. She seems to be getting even more desperate.