Friday, October 13, 2006

Eyeball Shot Today

Oof. Stress levels and nausea shot way up last night just thinking about the whole needle thang. Didn't help that I found a big piece of jagged broken plastic in my salad from the grocery store. If it isn't tainted spinach, it's jagged plastic, hmmm? Nothing says "Have a good evening!" like sharp garbage in your food. Mmmm. I called the grocery store to warn them, so they could pull the remaining salad, but I don't think the gent who answered really understood my issue. He just kept telling me it was "no problem... bring it in and we'll refund you." I really just wanted to help them stay out of "dead or injured customer" territory. Ah well!

So, I have to collect my syringe at the specialty pharmacy at lunchtime today. Each time, they draw the drug for me while I wait and give me the filled needles on ice. Huh. There's a holiday skating show you won't see Disney sponsoring this Christmas: Needles on Ice! (Not unless Disney's released a "Cinderella Meets a Smack-Addled Fairy Godmother" video at some point, and I really think I wouldn't have missed that one. Although I did read about the dirty video someone shot at EuroDisney with Minnie Mouse having simulated sex with other frolicking mascots. That sucker got ripped off YouTube pretty darn quick...)

I'll be freaked out and tired with my face painted orange around 2:45 today. Yippee! Many thanks to the Sasquatch for being my chauffeur. You rock, bubba.

On another - much more upbeat - note, happy belated birthday to my friend Keith, the Sole Inhabitant in Colorado, and happy birthday a day in advance to TMDR, who played a gig in Colorado last night, attended by, among other fine people, Keith the Sole Inhabitant.

It's a neat little flat earth we occupy, eh?


Scholiast said...

Best of luck! Or - hope you're feeling better, as the shot must be done by now... Hope you're weekend will turn out ok still..

Cyn said...

Needles on Ice? Another fine Merujo concept just begging to be produced.

Actually, I think there's a Smack-Addled Barbie in the works at Mattel. I mean, how else can she maintain that impossibly thin figure? Exercise and a sensible diet? At her age? That's a load of crap!

Hope you're aren't suffering too much from the eye shot at this precise moment. Hang in there.