Friday, October 13, 2006

One of these things just isn't the same...

Not to oog you out, but this shot felt, as I told the Sasquatch, "different." The fluid leaving the needle made a "puddle" in my eye with an unpleasant long "squiiiiiiik" sound to go with it. It also burned like a sonufabitch.

Within an hour, my eye had started to ooze funky gunk. Not pretty. Not cool.

Some of the things I'm supposed to watch for post-injection are: increased blurriness in vision (check), redness (check), discharge from the eye (check) and increased pain (feh, who can tell?!?)

I'm winnin' the jackpot tonight, eh? The flash actually makes the eye look less red than it is. Funny, huh? I actually have a camera that alievates red eye when I don't want it to! (And holy crap - my nose is HUGE!!! I mean, I knew I had a big nose, but DAMN! And why do my eyebrows look so strangely uneven. I swear to god, they were fine this morning.) Somebody remind me to put a brush through my hair before taking a picture. I'm not feeling good, sure, but I look like I've been sleeping off a bender somewhere...

I keep going back and looking at this photo. Could someone please call in Stacy and Clinton and Nick and Carmindy to save my ass?


Do they do house calls?

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Sasquatch said...

Your eyebrows are uneven because one of them is full of Betadyne. Sheesh.