Sunday, October 01, 2006

Please make them go away

I would like these people to go away. Right now.

Yeah, you know them. The roof dancers. And I want them to fall off. NOW.

It's really super that you can get a mortgage for under $1,698 a month, but what does dancing on your roof have to do with it? Are they "over the moon" about their low interest rates? Aren't they afraid of falling off that sloped, shingled roof? Do their new neighbors just totally hate them yet? (Lord knows, I do.)

"Honey, Mr. and Mrs. are up on the roof dancing again. Get me my .12 gauge."

Oh wait! Here they are again!

This time, it's a minimalist "Apple iPod"-ish ad. Hey! Young professionals with disposable income! Yeah, you! White guy who does weird "butt stick out" dance and girl with long beaded braids! You dig hip music and luv the Internet! We can help you buy a house! Whoo-hoo! Right now!!


Some ad campaigns must die. This is one of them. Stop dancing across my friggin' screen!


Wait. Looks like Mr. and Mrs. got a pet!

When the dancing baby arrives on the scene, somebody shoot me.

1 comment:

Claire said...


That's a dog, I guess? Stay strong, M. Maybe install some more popup/ad blockers or something if you use Firefox.