Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Washingtonpithicus Spamarino

Last year, I signed up on just about every job hunting website out there. HotJobs, WashingtonJobs, Monster,, you name it. And, when my hunt was over, I closed out my accounts. I got hosed on one deal - I actually paid $100 to have a service forward my resume everywhere.

Bad idea.

All they did was share my resume and contact details with spammers and others who offered to, again, share my resume for a fee. What a load of donkey dung.

One of these bottomfeeder organizations continues to contact me. I've tried to unsub from their service so many times, it's ridiculous. And, yet again today, I got another message from them. It's always the same name at the bottom of the e-mails - a chick named Jessica who probably doesn't exist.

But the salutations get more and more interesting. They haven't gotten my name right once. Here is today's offering:

"Hi Country

Based on your background and experience, we believe that you may be interested in one or more positions recently posted by our corporate clients in Maryland..."

Hi Country?

What the hell?

That is the saddest spam I've received in ages. What strange boobery. If I didn't know it would keep me on their spamroll for years to come, I would definitely write back:


I'm desperately offended by your misspelling of my name. I wouldn't possibly accept a job with an organization that sloppy and unprofessional!


Continent P. Hemisphere, Esq.
(The "P" stands for "peeved.")

?Donde esta all the smart, witty spammers, eh? Still looking...


Merujo said...

Omigod - would you believe someone else made a similar comment to me yesterday evening?

Of course, I'd like to think my nickname would be "Tree." Yeah, that's it. Tree...

I swear the gremlins at Blogger arrange the verification letters to spell stuff sometimes... Hey, Bill! Send me your e-mail addy. You can find me at Gmail. (merujo)...

Scholiast said...

Tree? You related to the Phoenixes at all...? (River is dead, but I believe Leaf (Joaquin), Rain, Liberty Butterfly and Summer are still around. And now, Tree :)

I'm proud that Country is my friend..

spocko said...

This is MY country! It isn't YOURS!

Spammer, third circle of hell for them!

I just read that a spammer sued one of the best organizations out there for their work on blocking spam. The losers at ICANN said to the judge that ruled for the spammer and against Spamhaus, "So sorry, we would love to delete their domain, but we can't."

At least they are not deleting their account. If Spamhaus stopped operating, the telecos would really be pissed. Suddenly 90 billion MORE spam would be running around.
ICANN sucks. 2nd circle of hell.