Saturday, December 16, 2006

Stomach bug from hell

So much for me attending the one and only holiday party I was invited to this year. Feh!

Instead, whatever evil lurks in my GI tract is keeping me pinned down to my apartment and feeling like death on a cracker. I'm being genteel here and calling it a stomach bug, but it's worse than that. I'll just leave it there.

I called my fine hostess, begged off - probably all the better for her guests, honestly - and am now hunched over the keyboard, hoping that the demon in my guts will stop dancing soon. I've been sick since Thursday, and fortunately I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday afternoon, in case this is still vexing me. Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like abject intestinal misery.

But, enough about me.

How the hell are you guys doing? Since I can't go anywhere, I'm going to address Xmas cards tonight. Want to exchange Christmakwanzakkuh cards? Let me know. I love holiday cards. Total sucker for it. And it's about all I can afford this year, so I hope everyone likes paper!!!


Slightly delirious,



Janet Kincaid said...

I'd love one. And I'd love to send one in return, so please don't forget a return address on this one! ;-)

Sorry to hear you're feeling icky. Nothing worse than stomach crud. Hope you're feeling better ASAP.

Anonymous said...

I am reminded of the worst stomach bug I've had in recent memory. Not quite as long-lasting as your current one, but incredibly intense - had I been at home when it hit, I would have gone to the emergency room, no question.

Unfortunately, when it hit was on the flight from Denver to Atlanta to go to my Mom's funeral.

Seriously - when I got on the plane in Denver, I felt great. Dragging myself off the plane in Atlanta with a fistful of airsick bags, I could only walk for a couple hundred feet at a time, until we resorted to having my kids (4 and 6 at the time) push me through the airport in a wheelchair while my husband wrangled all the luggage. (They actually pitched in cheerfully and did a great job, though they left a little to be desired in the steering department.)

This was on a Thursday - I did improve enough to attend my Mom's service that Saturday. I always wondered, though, if a lot of the other attendees were thinking, "Poor thing, she really looks like she's taking it extra hard!" Plus I ended up with a temporary retinal problem due to all the, erm, violent upheaval.

Which, in your case, makes me want to say "Take extra good care of your retinas!" - except I'm not sure how one would do this...

Washington Cube said...

Well..still in mourning over my father's death and the diminishment of my already small family. I didn't want to spend the holidays sunk in that, if it makes any sense. Got out all of my Christmas cards (close to 70, I think), made five wreaths (some for friends) and put up three trees and hope to do some baking (for friends) this week and just going out at night and walking around the city. Oh...and located an older friend of my late mother in a nursing home (stroke) and going to see her and take her Christmas flowers from her son in Phoenix(that's how I found her..he sent a sympathy card.) So yeah..staying busy so I can't brood.