Monday, January 29, 2007

I would like to thank...

...the person or persons unknown who dumped bleach into my freshly laundered work clothes today. I hope, hope, hope it was an accident because I really don't want to think so very ill of the individual(s) responsible. But I have a funny feeling it may have been deliberate. See, my clothes weren't in the washer, they were in my laundry basket, waiting for one of the two dryers to be available. It would be a pretty big stretch to accidentally spill bleach all over a basket of clothes sitting on a dryer.

I may have been a mistaken target. Someone in the building has been making a number of complaints lately - not me - but they may have assumed it was me, Ms. Security Representative. Frankly, I've been too tired and too busy to notice much of anything, let alone even find time to do my laundry.

So, what damage was done?

3 pairs of fabulously comfy, very work appropriate funky pants from Says Who?, a boutique clothing store in California. $58/pair. (Fortunately, I had one pair not in the laundry, so I could mend them.) = $174 + $15 shipping = $189

6 pairs of winter weight tights. $8/pair = $48

1 Ulla Popken washable wool zippered sweater jacket. $70 (no longer available.) + $10 shipping (if they still made it) = $80

2 brand new bras in my tough-to-find size. $30/each. =$60 +$8 shipping =$68

1 Ralph Lauren Polo big men's 1/4 zip fleece mock turtle sweatshirt. $65. (I bought it at 75%, mind you. Good luck me finding that baby in my size on that sale again!)

1 Nautica long-sleeved big men's t-shirt. $40. (Another bargain found by Princess Deal Finder. Again, good luck finding that again!)

Total damage done: $490.

No witnesses. No way to prove who did it. A management office that says "We'll send around flyers to the building about this." (Great.)

And I don't have the money to replace this stuff. No way. No how.

If it was an accident, why not leave a note? Why not say, "Let me know how I can make this right?" Oy, that takes me right back to my previous entry, doesn't it? Death of civility, lack of responsibility, yadda yadda yadda...

And if it wasn't an accident? Well, miscreant, if you're reading this, may angry birds with red berry diarrhea poop on all your clothes for the next couple of years. Try getting that stuff out of yer clothes, buckaroo.



Heather Meadows said...

Damn girl, I'm starting to think you just need to move!

Loracs said...

That completely and utterly sucks! If someone did this on purpose they are so racking up the bad karma points.

I know how much you love the Say's Who pants. Could the bleached out area be dyed? I was just at Say's Who on Saturday and dropped $350 (ouch) and all but one item was on sale (yay.) This included 3 pair of black pants (much, much needed for my new job), 4 tops and 3 pair of socks. Their new stock was in and they had no room to put it out, hence the big sale. Do you remember which pants they were and what size? I could find out if any of them are still on sale. Depending on the pants, it was 20% or 30% off.

Bethany said...

Wow, I wonder if you live in the same apartment building as me...I also live in Bethesda, and recently had to throw away a shirt because huge bleach stains mysteriously appeared after I washed it (and I NEVER use bleach.) I blamed that misfortune on a man doing his laundry at the same time--he was wearing rubber gloves and I SWEAR that his crazy bleach experiment splattered on my clothes. Why oh why do people use bleach in apartment building washing machines?!?!

alwswrite said...

I've got a vengeful streak and too much time on my hands... I think you know where I'm going with this........ STAKEOUT, followed by a dog poop bomb in the guilty party's dryer. I'm totally on it.

kris said...

This deserves a huge murr. Someone stole an entire load of my laundry in college, and I left a detailed note about how they were in for a wonderful case of some fabricated skin disorder given me falling victim to it just prior to starting that school year. Suck it, mean people.