Thursday, February 01, 2007

For those who watch "Top Chef" on Bravo...

Is it just me, or does Marcel have "Wolverine" hair? I swear to god, I wanted to shave off his enormous sideburns and give him a high and tight buzzcut by the finale.

Sam should have been in the finale, frankly. Can Ilan cook anything that doesn't have "Spanish flair"?? And what is Marcel's obsession with foam?

Apologies to those of you for whom this means nothing. Just had to kvetch. More substantive posting over the weekend, I promise!


Chuck said...

The haircut kind of looks like a flattop gone bad. I used to wear a short flattop years ago, when I was in the military. I would say a shorter hairstyle and losing the sideburns would definitely be an improvement for this guy.

Jack Gonzo, MD said...

Sort of, though he definitely ripped those sideburns off of Wylde.

I found it amusing that Marcel was making fun of saffron and paparika when he couldn't make a dish without some sort of experiment in it either.