Thursday, February 15, 2007


I've been out four times today, trying to dig my car out of the ice that has captured the tires. This last time, I dislocated my left thumb. I've popped it back in, but my hand hurts like hell. Back in 2002, when I fell and broke my leg in the parking garage at Job X, I also sprained my left wrist and dislocated that thumb. Since then, I think I've developed some arthritis in the joint where the thumb meets the hand. But I've also become quite adept at typing without using/moving that digit.

Still, this sucks. I need to be at my office. I have a pile of things I need to do that require my physical presence in the office. Dang it.

Earlier, I heard all these kids laughing and zooming down the frozen hill by my apartment. I remember how much I used to love being outside for hours and hours and hours in the freezing cold, doing the same stuff. Now, I can't stand the cold. Apparently, I'm never moving back to Minnesota!

Hot tub. Coral reef. Sofa by a fireplace. Now, those options sound really good.

If my hand turns purple, of course I'll take a photo!


Claire said...

d'oh! I sympathize though. Here it snowed, sleeted, and snowed for a foot of snow with icy patches. So heavy! makes the driveway seem all too long/wide.

Heather Meadows said...

That's what repsonsibilities will do to you! When you're a kid, you can so easily blow off all the things you're "supposed" to do--because you know if it has to be done, someone will do it or have you do it when the time comes.

This is why we all need personal robotic assistants, to take all the worrying out of our heads. That way we can all play with wild abandon once more!

Okay, aside from my David Allen/sci-fi rambling...

Hope your finger heals soon, and you are somehow able to defrost the car!

Chuck said...

Yikes! Hope your thumb feels better soon. The last time I had a similar injury was to my toes (and my toes did turn purple.) Turned out I had fractured one of them playing touch football.

We've been having record cold ourselves...but since I live in Texas, that means just below freezing, not snow and ice. I sure don't miss Wisconsin, though.

Loracs said...

Pain is bad, period, but whenever I've sprained any part of my hands, it drives me crazy. Besides sleeping or sitting still and watching TV or something, I can't think of any way NOT to use my hands. Hope your thumb gets better real soon.

Is there any mass transit near you? I know cabs are expensive, but are you loosing pay during this time? Do any of your co-workers live in a possible carpool direction? Do you have lots of salt to throw on the tires, maybe before or after the application of warm water?

Now that I have the sensible suggestions out of the way, I just have one thing to add, BLOW TORCH!

P.S. It was sunny and in the high 60's today in the Bay Area. This is not a "raspberry" comment; just wanted to let you know in your darkest, coldest, ice filled, East Coast World, there does exist another coast, an anti-matter coast, if you will, to your side of the country. Of course, it does get cold here, just a few weeks ago the thermometer dipped just below 40 degree F. Burrrrrrrrr (okay, now that IS a Raspberry!)

Merujo said...

You know what's hilarious? "Blow torch" is the thought that kept going through my head last night as I looked out at my poor car! Great minds think alike, no? Heh!

I made it work and back home yesterday via a cold, cold walk, a bus, the Metro, and a taxi. I had the pleasure of the Sasquatch's company for the Metro ride back, so the trek home wasn't so lonely.

And I slept like a log after all the cold weather walking. :)