Thursday, February 01, 2007

When you give in to Mooninism, the Mooninites win!

Okay, public officials of Boston: get a grip.


Generally speaking, sneaky-ass terrorists aren't going to make their bombs to look like Lite Brite figures giving you the finger.

I love the fact that many news shows blurred out the middle finger on the Mooninite. I think that says so much about what a complete mess our country is right now - our media outlets blur middle fingers on cartoons. Not only cartoons, but cartoons designed to look like video game figures from the 1980s. It's a square with a line on it, for god's sake!

This just in: Super power nation terrified by Lite Brite and offended by cartoon finger. Film at 10, 11, and 12:30!!!

How moronic is that?

This was a dumb stunt, for sure. It wasn't even good "guerilla marketing." But was it the placing of "hoax bombs" that the city of Boston wants to smack these guys and Turner Broadcasting for?


And, again, no.

They weren't hoax bombs. They weren't hoax anything, for that matter. There was no intent to frighten people. There was no intent to cause panic or harm. They were advertising a cartoon about talking food. Often belligerent talking food. In New Jersey. These lightboards had been up for as long as two weeks in Boston and several other major cities, including, might I point out, NEW YORK. Hello, Boston? New York apparently can take a joke. You, instead, spend half a mil blowing up Mooninites.

Get. A. Grip.

I bet Adult Swim gets killer ratings now. If only to counter the vast stupidity shown by panicky public officials - and even if it completely sucks ass - I now consider it my duty to go see the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie next month.

Thus endeth my tirade.

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Heather Meadows said...

Now that is a movie trailer.

And yes, sheesh, Boston. To think I used to want to live there!