Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Carpenter Cometh

Rather pathetically, I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning like a kid on Christmas. Two years of stubbing my toes on the bricks hiding the kitchen mouse holes comes to an end around 9:30 tomorrow. Amen, mah bruthas and sistahs! It will be a pleasure to cook something on the stove and not wonder if I'm being watched by little beady eyes through the now-rusty steel wool. And frankly, cooking at home loses that "yum factor" when the words "hanta virus, hanta virus, gimme gimme hanta virus" echo in your head like some demented rodent-centric mantra.

Yes, things will be good in the morning.

Well, better, at least.

While Romeo the carpenter (yes, Romeo, really) works his magic, I'm going to futz with the arrangement of the crappy old IKEA shelves and table in what passes for a dining room in my crackerbox apartment. I think actual dining has occurred in that location all of once in a decade. So, after 10 years of lying to myself, I'm finally turning it into the "crafty study." The wee folding dining table will now be my paper arts zone ("paper arts" being the trendy term for "craft stuff done by fat middle-aged women") and the empty spot by the window will now be my reading corner. I have this big, old futon chair that sucks up a lot of room, and by declaring that spot by the window to be the "reading corner", I now have an excuse to get it the hell out of the living room, so I will no longer bark my knees/shins and stub my toes on its hulking mass whenever I walk to the bathroom.

And once Romeo departs Chez Merde? I have a plan in mind for how to spend the day. Let's see how it plays out. If it works, I'll have photos and a post or two by Friday night. Nothing fabulous, but it might save my sanity.

We shall see.

BTW, I made the top ten for the "Best DC Blog By a DC Writer." You can vote for me here. I'm afraid I don't have the readership to keep me in the running for long, but, again, it's cool to know people are reading, no?

Back on Friday (if not sooner) with photographic evidence of my continued existence!


Anonymous said...

Hey, as of thirty seconds ago, when I cast my vote, you're in the lead!

Spencer said...

Congrats bud. Glad to see when any blogger puts some time into their writing, and gets some recognition for it.

Cyn said...

I believe my entire house is a "paper arts zone"...maybe between the two of us we can make paper-covered tables the latest decorator trend (I like to call my decor the "ransacked" look.)